Monday, March 3, 2008


Ethan brings home a weekly lunch menu every Tuesday. This was last week's menu, it doesn't vary too much from week to week.

Monday - fish croquette w/ curry, spinach saute, fruits jerry (no idea what this is)

Tuesday - egg & shrimp spaghetti, green bean salad (green beans, tomatoes, mayonnaise), onion and seaweed soup, apple

Wednesday - rice, teriyaki chicken, fish paste & onion soup, yakult (kind of like yogurt)

Thursday - parsley spaghetti, vinegar carrots, fish paste & potatoe soup, banana

Friday - rice, steamed fish dumplings, cabbage saute, tomatoe shrimp chowder, strawberries

I probably don't need to tell you that Ethan does not eat lunch at school! I just make sure he eats a big breakfast, he usually does okay with snack and he eats as soon as he gets off the bus at 4:00p. I've tried not feeding him b'fast in the hopes that he'd be so hungry he would eat at lunch...not a chance. They give him buttered bread, which he does eat. I thought about letting him take a lunch, but he'd be the only one eating something different and I don't know how much havoc that would wreak at lunchtime. For now he seems to be doing okay with what he gets.

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