Monday, March 17, 2008

Did I mention that I LOVE TOKYO?!?!?! Day Two

We slept in Saturday morning then headed for Tokyo Tower on foot. It took us about 30 minutes, but we were just ambling along taking in the sights, I probably could have made it in 20 on my own. Click here to see the rest of the pictures. Along the way was this woman and her performing monkey. It was really just creepy. The monkey obviously wanted no part of the show and he kept shrieking and showing his huge fangs. Of course we had no idea what the woman was saying but she just kept laughing...really creepy.

Ethan taking in the view of Tokyo.

I'll let you take a guess at what this thing is supposed to be. No, it's not a giant penis in overalls, which is the obvious first guess. I have absolutely no idea what the band aid is for.

We had a good time, we took the elevator up to the first observatory, but the girls took the stairs back down (about 600 steps). Afterwards we had lunch at Wendy's (the first one we've seen in Japan) and wandered through Roppongi and Roppongi Hills. After a nap and some TV Otis and I drove over to the New Sanno hotel, about 10 minutes away, to get some dinner and check out the hotel (Otis had never been there). We headed home on Sunday around 12:00 because we were sure we'd hit a 3 hour traffic snarl, but it only took 45 minutes! Again we couldn't believe how lucky we got! It's exactly 46 km (28.5 mi) from our house to Hardy Barracks.

Here's Ethan amidst a gaggle of adoring fans. Everytime we stop we get a swarm of women and girls, he's just so kawaii...even when we pull up next to a Japanese woman or girl at a stop light they're smiling and waving at him. Sometimes he hams it up and waves and blows kisses, which sends them into hysterics, but a lot of the time he's his usual stinky self and turns his head away, refusing to acknowledge them at all.

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