Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chestnut Mojo

Tonight Otis and I went to Member Apprecitation Night at the Officer's Club with our friends Frank and Candy (Frank is an OR nurse too, he just came back last week from 4 months in Afghanistan). The club has a member's night every month with free dinner, games and prizes.

My name got picked for musical chairs, I lost. But to my credit I got down to 4 people out of 10 after I had already had 3 margaritas and was walking round and round a small circle in high heels. My consolaton prize was $5 in "Club Bucks" which will get me 2 margaritas, and my name went back in the pot. Towards the end of the night they pulled Otis' name for a digital camera, called another name for an umbrella, then pulled my name for a micro stereo system!! Woo hoo! I've been begging Otis to go to member's night ever since we got here but it's always in the middle of the week and he hates going out on a school night, but now he's ready to go back again :)

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