Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day, The Sequel

Another snow day! Yay! It started snowing about 3am, again Otis felt it imperative that I know as soon as it started, so again, he woke me up to tell me. It came down heavily all day; it's 5pm now and there are still flurries. The picture on the right is the view from my bedroom window looking out over our backyard to our street. The kids were beyond excited, the last snow day they were in school all day and alot of the good snow was gone by the time they got home. Ethan loves the snow, but it's a long distance relationship, he has absolutely no desire to go outside. I took him out this morning and he sat in a chair under the neighbor's canopy the whole time; he just likes to sit at the back door and watch it.

This has been a perfect winter for us. It's our first true winter in 10 years; we got cold weather in north Florida, even some frost, but we also had lots of days when the temp reached the 70s or higher and in Tampa the mercury very rarely dipped below 40 degrees. The temperature here started going down really slowly, nothing dramatic, at just the right speed for us to adjust nicely. We've only had a few days of freezing temps, and plenty of nice, mild winter days with lots of sun shine. The snow fall is perfect too, it's enough to give everything that pretty, winter wonderland look and deep enough for the kids to play in, but it's not deep enough to close the schools (a vitally important factor) or make driving difficult.

So far all the seasons here have been picture-perfect. The Fall was so beautiful, again it was our first true autumn in 10 years and the changing leaves were so vibrant. I'm very excited about my first spring here, I know the cherry blossoms will be spectacular!
Here are the rest of the pix, pictures 10 - 18 are the ones from today.

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