Sunday, February 3, 2008

Major Blog Envy

I'm now totally addicted to reading other people's blogs. No one I know mind you, the blogs I love all belong to people I've never met. It's a little weird actually, being able to peek inside the daily lives of complete strangers, but I love it and look forward to checking in on all the people I've come to sort of think of as friends (does that sound kind of creepy and make it seem like my life is empty and pathetic?). Anyway, here a few of the blogs I really like: Dooce is far and away my favorite, Heather is hilarious and I love her honesty. Kern's Japan Blog was great to read before we got here, he has tons of info on life in Japan. Jen Pack is actually someone I have met before, she lives on Yokota and I see her around the base from time to time, again, really great info on living in Japan. I also love satifying my voyueristic urges at Post Secret.

In perusing some of the millions of blogs people have created out there, I've come down with a pretty serious case blog envy. Some of the blog designs are so cute! And the writing is seriously good, it's creative, witty and really interesting! Hopefully in time I can smooth out some of the rough edges of this blog, I'd love to learn more about blog designing and my writing skills can always use some polish.

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