Saturday, January 26, 2008

Box of Castles

Not much going on this weekend. The girls have gone to sleepovers tonight, Megan to her friend Sarah's house and Gabi to Danielle's.

Ethan is down with a bad cold, his fever was up to 104 today. He's got a nasty nose going on and he came up to me last night saying "I need a castle". I had no idea what he meant so I kept asking him again and again what he wanted; he was starting to get upset that I wasn't understanding so I finally told him to show me a "castle". He ran over and grabbed the box of tissues! I have no idea how he's getting castle from tissue but he's adamant that it's "castle". If you tell him to get a castle, he runs to get a tissue.

Megan and I are starting Karate on Sunday, they have a class at her school with a Japanese sensei. If we like it I'm going to start Ethan in a month or two.

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