Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabi!

Proper post w/ pix in the works, but for now:


Gabi is spending this very busy birthday weekend in Tokyo (what a life!).  Tonight is her school's prom, on her birthday, how awesome is that?  At the New Sanno, no less!  Gabi is on the prom committee, and they left for the hotel straight from school yesterday to start decorating.  Also today were the Kanto Plains Track & Field Finals in Haneda, so she was on the train bright and early this morning from Hiro-o to get to the meet, then rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the dance.  She'll spend tomorrow cleaning up and be home after lunch.                                                                                          This is her first birthday we've ever been apart, but I know it will probably be one of her best birthday's ever.  Have a great weekend Hootie, you deserve it!  I'm so incredibly proud of the woman you are becoming, I honestly couldn't ask for better kid, you're a wonderful daughter and such a great big sister. Meg, Ethan and I love you!!!


Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday Gabi!
Congratulations on being a Mum for 17 years Bryn!
Hope you are all doing fine.

Bryn said...

Thanks Cecilia, I think! LOL I think the congrats should be for SURVIVING as a mom for 17 years! We're all good. Off topic, took my co-workers to Miss Saigon for dinner, they loved it (I ordered the same thing we had for lunch! So yummy!).

Robin Vistnes said...

Ilove you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Gabi. They sure grow up fast don't they. My daughter had her fiftyith birthday last month and it seems like time has flown by. I still see the little girl she was.