Sunday, March 20, 2011

Please don't poo Nuclear Boy!


gaijinwife said...

I have just watched this for the first time about three minutes ago. Very good I think, helping the less nuclear technology stumped people like me know whats going on. If Nuclear Boy has an alight super nappy on like the ones Ryu wears he'll be able to shit all the way up his back before it leaks.
Fingers crossed.


I copied this to my blog, Hope I didn't violate any copyright laws. The video is hilarious, it's heart-rending, it is so Japanese, crude but hopefully effective in making things clear to children without terrifying them. I'm afraid the worst may have come to pass. . . Praying for everyone concerned.

Tokyo Five said...

A bit off topic...but I saw a news report here about the U.S. military helping Sendai: