Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's that rockstar?

My beautiful daughter, of course!

Meg left on June 28 to spend 6 weeks with her dad and bonus mom in Florida.  She made the all by herself!!!  She's having a great time, going to gymnastics camp every day and soaking up the sun on the beach and out on the boat every weekend.  *Sigh*  What a tough life.   Have a great summer Bub, we love you and miss you!


Gaijin Wife said...

have a great time meg. Good on her for getting all that way on her own. must have been quite exciting but scary at the same time.

Love that she has a 'bonus' mum. Hope the woman's nice - must be if you let meg go there for the whole summer but still. So not a situation you would see in Japan. I very much doubt hub's ex wife is telling her kids they have a 'bonus' mum.

Bryn said...

Meg has been flying on her own since she was 7, she made the flight from here and back last summer too and did really well. I'm really proud of her.

Bonus Mom is totally awesome, the sweetest, kindest person. Most of the time, I like her better than the ex! She loves all three kids to bits, even though the other two aren't even her step-kids.

Robin Vistnes said...

Is that little Meggy!?