Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ethan (totally out of nowhere, while dunking his Oreos in milk):  Mom, how do babies fit in your mouth?

Me:  Uh?

Ethan (mouth now crammed with soggy Oreos):  I said, how do babies fit in your mouth?

Me:  Babies?  In your mouth?  Is that what you said?

Ethan:  YES!

Me:  They don't.  Nobody puts babies in their mouth.

Ethan:  Well, then how do they get in your tummy?

Me:  ...?...Hurry up and finish eating, it's bath night and you don't want to miss Sponge Bob!


thefukases said...

I love it!!!

That's thinking for you, huh.

Brenda said...

I love the way kids think.

I love your blog too, can't wait to see more.

cameramom said...

Thanks a lot! Now I have to clean all of the coffee I just spit out all over my computer monitor when I read that!

And you know I'm already struggling with my belated spring cleaning!


Bryn said...

We watch a lot of TLC with "A Baby Story" and "Birth Story", so he knows the nitty gritty about babies growing in mommys' tummies, and even that they come out through the "saloon doors" (to quote GW) but we've never talked about how the babies got in the tummy in the first place!

rengawk said...


That's one to print out and put into a scrapbook!

Gaijin Wife said...

excellent logic their Ethan. Good luck with the explaining.

illahee said...


he's way smart!!

Rebecca said...

You chicken!!!

That's just too funny....what a kid.