Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Meg decided to run track this season.  She ran cross country last year, but decided not to this year, and this is her first time running track.  She's running the 200m, 400m and 4 x 400m relay.  She doesn't care much for sports, but loves being part of a team and wearing a uniform, so she'll join just abouty any sport just for that!  She's actually shaping up to be a pretty decent runner!  She definitely has the skills, but just doesn't have a runner's heart or spirit. 

Gabi is running too.  This is her 4th year on the track team.  She's running the 400m and 4 x 400m relay, and doing the long jump and high jump.  The jumping was a complete fluke.  Her running events are always at the very end of the meet, but she'd have to show up at 7:30a for the start of meets, then just sit around all day until her events around 2:00p.  She was bored out of her skull, so decided to do the jumping events, just to have something to do while waiting for her runs.  Turns out she's actually pretty good, better at jumping than running!

Track meets are loooooooooong.  For "away" meets, we leave the base around 7:00a, and don't get home until around 5:00p.  But E's a real trooper and entertains himself all day long.  He loves going to the meets and cheering for his sisters and the rest of the time he's just plays, acting out stories, playing Star Wars with rocks and sticks (I bring a backpack full of toys and books, but he prefers pretending), running his own imaginary races and all those other little boy games.  He loves spending the entire day outside, but I have to make sure he eats dinner on the way home, because it's a sure bet that he'll fall asleep in the van and stayed sacked for the rest of night!


Mary said...

Who has a chessey smile now

Lulu said...

Im glad your blog is no longer private!

So track doesn`t include cross country? We don`t really say "track" in Australia I guess but I had assumed it meant long distance as well.

I think it is great that both your girls are interested in sports- I am sure Ethan will follow in their footsteps too!

Slime said...

Thanks Lulu!

In America, "Track" is the sport of events that take place only on the oval running track, and on the field inside the track (like the shot-put and long-jump). There are long distance events, but they're just running round and round the track. What to you call it in Australia?

"Cross-country" is a seperate sport, racing done off a track, usually out in the country side, through forests and hills.