Thursday, February 25, 2010


We live in the Kanto region of Japan, an area made up of seven prefectures, we live in Tokyo. Within the Kanto region there is a core group of about 11 English speaking high schools, 3 are American schools on U.S. military installations, and the others are international schools in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas like American School in Japan, Christian Academy in Japan, Int'l School of the Sacred Heart and Yokohama Int'l School.

Our sports teams all compete against each other throughout the year (and against other English speaking schools throughout Japan and the Pacific) and the kids get pretty friendly playing together over the course of several years, even though they're competitors, they're definitely very friendly rivals. It's so incredibly different from what goes on in the U.S., where kids have been actually KILLED over out-of-control high school rivalries! It's pretty awesome seeing so many kids of so many different nationalities cheering each other on at these different events, and I've met some great people from all over the world as we've watched our kids run at cross country and track meets over the last three seasons, and Gabi hangs w/ kids from all these schools at basketball and football games during her off seasons.

Next month there are two "super" events planned, bringing together a bunch of Kanto schools for some fun. There's going to be an "American" football game, sort of an All Star team made up of players from the American/Int'l schools, playing against a Japanese high school team. And there's a "Kanto Plains Su-pa Dance" being held at one of the Tokyo schools, open to all the high school students of the American/Int'l schools. How cool is that? Our school will take buses to both events. Gabi has already bought her ticket for the Super Dance (my offer to chaperon was met w/ a resounding VETO), and we're all planning to go the football game in Kawasaki (though I've already been instructed that I will not be permitted to sit in the Students' section). ** I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the religious schools didn't include: "CLOTHES MUST STAY ON!" in their event guidelines. If not, should I warn my parent-friends from the other schools that our adminstration felt it necessary to include it in ours?**

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thefukases said...

Sounds su-pa! sorry, it had to be said. ;P I love that everyone bands together for events- must really widen the social network for kids without much Japanese language or at a smaller school.

And I love the 'keep your clothes on' comment. I'm guessing the Christian school probably doesn't write that on their notices, yeah? ;P

Have fun!