Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scholars AND Athletes

Sorry, but I've got to brag on my kiddos a bit. Since I know I can't take any credit at all for how well they're turing out, I don't think it really counts as bragging though, just an expression of my awe and admiration. I don't know where these kids came from. I was a highly unmotivated student in school, scraping by with barely average grades, I even tried to drop out my senior year! And sports? Unless doing donuts on the football field, under the cover of darkness, then running from the cops has become an accredited high school sporting event, I was definitely not the sporting type!

Meg is loving her cheer squad, they cheered for their first game last Saturday.

Gabi just returned from CC Finals in Misawa, she didn't have a great race, it was freeeeeeeeezing up there, they ran in the snow! But she had a great year, placing 2nd or 3rd for her team at every race. Just got her report card, all A's and 1 B+ ( in Japanese III ). I think she just may be a keeper! Haven't gotten Meg's report yet, but I check their progress weekly and she's doing really well too.

Gabi and her BFF K (in blue) running at Atsugi two weeks ago

Not a scholar or an athlete yet, but he sure is cute!


Lily said...

You have to be able to take some credit- what cute a dynamic trio.

Good luck with work and hope the chaos settles.

thefukases said...

Definitely brag worthy!

Congratulations to both your girls.

And the cheerleader with the white tights under her uniform- she's gotta be Japanese. Don't tell me this isn't the only country that thinks white tights go under anything and everything?

Slime said...

Lily - Thanks ;) Things are still swirling and whirling, but I feel like an ending may be insight, though it won't be a very happy one.

Fuka-chan - LOL, her mom is Japanese! And she showed up like that even after the team had voted "NO WHITE TIGHTS!" It was a very warm, sunny day, so the poor thing was drenched in sweat by the end of the game.

Gaijin Wife said...

gotta brag about that lot though. And Ethan is just adorable - you're going to be hating all his wannabe girlfriends in years to come.

Hope your crapola is reaching some kind of resolution? Of course one can only speculate, but whatever it is having those three sproglets has to be the silver lining to the cloud?!

and cheerleading - hub's next bestest thing for Marina to do after ice skating. Of course the lack of ice and pom poms in surrounding vacinity is a problem.