Friday, June 12, 2009


Apparently, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary! Yikes! I really thought it was today, the the 12th! We got married very quickly, kind of a last minute thing during our preparations to move to Japan. We we finally got down to actually doing it, we realized that the day we had planned, June 12, was Otis' parents anniversary. We didn't want to steal their day, and the 13th was a Saturday, so we just backed things up a day to the 11th. I knew we were either the day before, or after them, but thought they were the 13th, and I knew we weren't the 14th, so that meant our anniversary had to be the 12th! Except, they weren't the 13th, they were the 12th, which made us..........yesterday. D'oh!

To be fair, I also have to do the math when someone asks me my age, I'm never quite sure. I always get Meg's b-day confused, does she have 3 7's in her b-day, or 3 9's (07.27.1997, or 07.29.1997)? I also always mix up the b-day of my BFF, I know she's either the day before, or the day after Elvis, so it's either 01.08 or 01.09, but even after 25 b-days, I still can't ever remember which is which.

So.......Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary to my sweet soul matey!

We saw this rainbow after our wedding ceremony




thefukases said...

Happy Anniversary!

Are you doing anything special now that you've remembered? ;P

And if it makes you feel better I completely forgot how old I was at the dentist last week. "Age?" "Ehhh...Ummm...." Had to calculate from my birthdate.... looked very suspicious I'm sure!

gigihawaii said...

haha, sounds pretty scatter brained to me! Actually, I haven't bothered to remember other people's anniversaries. Just my own. So no problem with that!

illahee said...

happy anniversary!!

Senkyoshi said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the Amazon order. I checked my account and I did get credit for an order. In order for that to happen, all you have to do is click on the widget for Amazon and then place your order. Thanks again! It is a big help to the ladies here!

Slime said...

Fuka-chan - Thanks! I feel the same way when I can't remember my age, that people must get very suspicious! LOL

Gigi - Scatter brained is an understatement!

Thanks illahee

Senkyoshi - Thank you so much! I'm glad the Amazon worked, hopefully I'll be placing another order next week!

Helaina said...

Happy versary-
I will write it in my book of dates- but that won't matter because I will forget to look there next year-