Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Sorry :( No excuse, just life. Got the rest of the Singapore pix onto O's computer, just need to transfer them to mine. As I was packing for our way-too-quick trip to Hiroshima for O's b-day (post coming soon, I promise!) I found my media card-reader-thingy, so the Hiroshima pictures are downloaded to my computer, just need to sort and edit them.

Ethan and I decided to come into T-town for a night at the New Sanno, no reason, just felt like getting away. O and G couldn't be less interested, as usual, so we just came without them! We'll just poke around the city tomorrow for a few hours, then head home.

Otis leaves on Saturday for 3 weeks in Baltimore + 1 week in Florida with the kids. So, so happy that he's getting to see them again so soon after their last visit in April! Being away from them is the one and only horrible part about being in Japan, we miss them so much. Ethan's going through a really weird seperation anxiety thing with his papi, so it'll be interesting to see how he handles an entire month with him gone.

More posts soon!


thefukases said...

Ohhhh poor E. I'm always the leaver not the leavee but I imagine it must be hard. When K's away on business we girls do little things he wouldn't do as special just the three of us treats. Nothing big, just having sandwiches for dinner or putting bubbles in the bath, 'camping' in the playroom etc etc. Sounds like you going to the Sanno tops all that anyway! Maybe you could just move in for the month? ;P

Slime said...

Ethan does love staying at that hotel, almost as much as Mommy does! He didn't even want to go to McD's last night, he wanted to stay in and have "hotel dinner"! Already booked 2 nights in July for my b-day, plan to take him to Odaiba to see the giant Gundam robot and we'll be in your neighborhood this Sunday, driving up with a load of friends to check out your castle. Hopefully staying busy w/ some fun stuff will help keep his mind of missing his dad.