Friday, May 29, 2009

We're home

Made it back safe and sound, and saaaaaadddddd :( I didn't want to leave! Already planning my return trip! I never thought there was any place on earth that I could love as much as I love Japan. I was so, so wrong! SINGAPORE IS INCREDIBLE! Proper post coming soon!

The view from our balcony on Sentosa Island:





Alisa said...

U actually got to go???!!!???!!!
I wanna get on that flight once!
And stay @ that hotel too!
How did u secure that room and everything with no Solid Plans?

thefukases said...

Oh E is too cool for school in that pic!

Glad you didn't get lost somewhere over China... ;P

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the next place I want to visit. So, Brenda, was it like Houston, after all? LOL.

Slime said...

Alisa - The flights were so great! They have free internet at the air terminal, so as soon as I found out we made the flight, I ran straight to good ol' Expedia and booked the room.

Fukases - I was a little worried for a while, those pilots were soooo young! But they did a great job and we arrived safely and on time!

Gigi - NOTHING LIKE HOUSTON!!!! Seriously, I don't even know how that comparison can be made! The weather might be similar, soooo hot and humid, but hey, you're only 100 mi from the equator! But that's really it! You will *love* it! Go as soon as you can! I'm going back again in July for me b-day.

Rebecca S said...

Absolutely gorgeous! And Ethan is adorable too. I love that he's coming out of his shell and looking at the camera!!

Slime said...

RS - LOL, that's still kind of hit or miss! You can see in two pictures from the flight post, he usually still averts his eyes. The only time I can get a straight on shot is after 5 - 6 refusing to look shots, then a solid 10 min of bribes and threats!