Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turn that frown upside down!

The travel gods were not smiling on us today :( The flight was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll work out, but we'll only end up with 1.5 days in...................

SINGAPORE!!!!!!! Woo hoo!
It's a 7 hr flight, Otis is not happy about 14 hrs of travelling for only about 36 hrs of vacay, but come on! How often will we get a free flight to Singapore? I say it's totally worth it!


Anonymous said...

Ah, are you flying by stand by? I have a few friends that work for some airlines and they have given us tickets, but a lot of times you can't reserve = (

thefukases said...

for FREEEEE??????? I'm such a sucker for travel I'd take a same day 7 hour flight if it was free!

And Singapore is amazing. Even if you only get a taste in 36 hours it's worth it!

Fingers crossed for you for tomorrow!

Slime said...

GJ - it's a military flight, but it works kind of like stand-by, no reservations, and no guarantee you'll get on a flight

Fukases - me too! I'll travel anywhere, anytime! O, however, is such a homebody and doesn't share my wanderlust in any way :( which tends to put quite a damper on most of my travelling excitement! He'll indulge me occasionally, but usually I end up heading off on my own!