Monday, May 11, 2009

I survived....... teenager's first driving lesson!


This weekend, while we were up at Tama Hills for Mother's Day, I took Gabi out and let her drive around the recreation area. There are lots of deserted roads, way out in the woods, way up in the tops of the hills, so there were no literally no other cars for miles and miles, so it was pretty safe to turn her loose!


She did really well! A little heavy footed on the gas and brake, but for her first time, I was very surprised at how well she did.


If we were in the States right now, she'd be getting her learner's permit in a few weeks (she's turning 15 this week!), and when we get back to the States next year, she'll already be 16 and old enough for her license, so I figured we might as well let her get a little experience behind the wheel.





tokyo5 said...

My oldest is almost sixteen.
I'm glad Japan's driving age is eighteen! I'm not ready for my kids to drive yet!

Gina said...

Good job Gabi!!!

Only thing that's hard for me, is I get used to driving in Japan on the left side of the rode and the wipers and blinker lights reversed. And then when I go to America or Guam or something and I drive on the right side of the road, then I mix up the blinkers with the wipers. I look like a dork all weekend who keeps turning my wipers on every time I wanna make a turn!!! :P ha ha ha.

I remember my dad taking me out to drive to get experience back in the day too. That was a lot of fun. You're a cool mom!!! : )

Slime said...

Tokyo5 - Luckily with the awesome public trans, you could get away with them never needing to learn!

Gina - LMAO, glad I'm not the only dork! I do it all time! But I reverse it no matter which country I'm in! Here in Japan, I'm constantly wiping my windshield when I want to turn, even after 1.5yrs! But as soon as I get to the States, I flip it and am always signaling turns when I want to wipe my windshield. Weird.

thefukases said...

Wow- that'S her first time behind the wheel? She is one cool cucumber! I was a wreck my one and only drivers ed class. Seriously I was so traumatised I didn't get my license until I was 26 and that was only because I was pregnant with my second kid and DH refused to have me riding my mountain bike through the snow with two kids strapped on....

Australia and Japan are both leftside driving but I have trouble driving more than 60km an hour over there which seriously annoys my dad!

gigihawaii said...

When David and I were in Tokyo last year, we kept looking to the left when we wanted to cross the street -- only to be almost run over by a car coming from the right.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be a driver in Japan!

Alisa said...

Hey Girl!
I just wanted to PM You and say Hi!
AND, Ethan and I + 2 kids will be in Yakota for 10 days... 1st part of June.
(TAD thing).....
Anyways, i thought we could get together?!? ;)When were u coming to Yokosuka again?
e-mail me!!