Saturday, May 2, 2009

Black Cat Fever

In Japan there's a delivery/shipping company called Black Cat. Actually it's called Yamato Transport, but their logo is a black mother cat, carrying a black kitten, so everyone calls it Black Cat; it's like FedEx or UPS, except, like most things in Japan, way better.

Black Cat ships anywhere in Japan, as well as internationally. They have special Golf and Ski delivery where they'll deliver your clubs or skis to your course/slope. You can even send items that need to be kept cold/frozen! Their best service is Airport Takkyubin; for only around $30 per bag, they'll deliver all your luggage to and from the airport, to and from anywhere in Japan! You can have delivery from your home for no extra charge, you can go to a Black Cat service center, or, you can ship from any participating convinience store, like 7-11!

Today I sent a box, weighing about 5 lbs, to a city about 400 miles away, with guaranteed overnight delivery, for about $9.00! You get to choose your delivery time, starting at "before NOON" until between 8p - 9p. I dropped the package off at 4p, and chose 12p - 2p delivery, that means it'll be delivered in less than 20hrs! For $9! Black Cat delivers 7 days a week, always overnight, at the same rate all week long. And it's very simple and straight forward, today I was in and out in less than 5 minutes!



Sara said...

Hahaha - I like this post :)
I think yamato is great as well!! So convenient and fast!!

Thanks again so so so so much! You made my day x100 and I'm already halfway through the peanutbutter cups... noooooooooo :D


Slime said...

;) Sorry you had to chase the delivery man down all those stairs, hefting that buddah belly! But I'm glad you're enjoying the yummies!