Friday, April 24, 2009

I wouldn't brush either!

Seriously, what is up with Japanese children's toothpaste? It's the most horrible stuff I've ever tasted!

I bought the kids some Anpanman (a popular Japanese cartoon character) strawberry toothpaste. Ethan loves to brush his teeth, but when he put the brush in his mouth, he got the craziest look on his face. "What's wrong?" "It's nasty!" I took a little lick, and it was vile! It tasted exactly like strawberry flavored cough syrup! So we tried the regular flavor, even worse!

In the U.S., kids' toothpaste is sweet flavored, like strawberry or fruit punch, bubble gum is a really popular flavor too. But they don't have that minty, medicine-y after taste. The nex night, it took me forever to convince Ethan that it wasn't the same yucky toothpaste.


thefukases said...

you mean how horridly sweet it is?

what's it like in the US?

Gina said...

I agree with that too Slime. My boy's have tried the kids toothpaste once here. They tried the melon flavored Anpanman one and never used it again.@_@

We always use American kids toothpaste for the boys. Right now Noah is using Aquafresh kids Bubblemint. Branden is using Colgate for adults but it's in a cool short standing tube and has breath flakes in there, he likes taking it to school and he shares it with his classmates, lol.

Have you ever tried the adults toothpaste in Japan? : ) I tried it once at my inlaws house. I prefer the American toothpaste though myself too. I either bring it from abroad or I buy the Aquafresh in Japan. I don't mind the Aquafresh in Japan at all. It tastes the same. :D

Anonymous said...

I love the toothpaste here, including the cosmetics, I think (opinion) the Japanese are more advanced in certain aspects of things, don't use too many imitation colors and tastes (which can be bad for the body- not completely proven but I rather avoid it)

I do think that "Fuso) fluoride has a larger percent in Western toothpaste I believe.

My favorite toothpaste from the U.S. though is Toms of Main, I like the paste in GB and AU but I have not imported recently though.