Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aoyama Reien

We booked a room at the Hardy Barracks (the Sanno was booked solid, waaaaaaaaahhh!) and arrived around 2:oop Sunday.

We headed straight across the street to the Aoyama cemetery to start our hanami (cherry blossom viewing).

I really love this cemetery, it's massive with all kinds of paths and stairs leading up and down, winding through the graves and gardens. Whenever we stay at Hardy Barracks, I always like to take a walk through the cemetery. Japanese cemeteries are very different from Amercian ones, and I just think they're so interesting, not to mention peaceful. The Aoyama cemetery also has a section for foreign burials.

I've never been in the spring, and had no idea it was actually a very popular place for hanami! When I read about it online, I knew it'd be the first hanami spot!

The big patch of green in the bottom right is the southern half of Aoyoma bochi (the tan building in the very bottom corner is Hardy Barracks)


Entering from the south, this nice brick street runs right through the center of the cemetery. It's a very popular street for walking, jogging and biking.

There were lots of people enjoying picnics under the blossoms


There was even lots of cooking on grills and propane stoves, in the cemetery!!

Mori Tower through the cemetery blossoms

Now I love this cemetery even more! It was the perfect start to our whirlwind Tokyo hanami tour!



Sue said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. About the chocolate factory... I honestly don't know a lot about it, because my Japanese friend set it up for us. She just called and made a reservation, so I don't think it was difficult to get in or anything. She set it up about three weeks before we went, so there may be a bit of a waiting list. It didn't cost anything, and the factory is not far from the train station (Musashi-Urawa Station on the Musashino Line). The kids did need to have a hat or something to cover their hair, and indoor shoes. If you have any other specific questions you can email me at sueinjapan (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will do my best to annswer!

Robin Vistnes said...

Great pics Slime! You are really getting art-sy with your pics here lately. Not so sure about having a cook out it a cemetery, but when in Rome...
Beautiful trees too. I bet the photo's don't do them justice.

thefukases said...

What a great hanami trip. Isn't it funny the attitude towards cemeteries here? I went to a fireworks night once where we all sat on the graves!! :O

Jon Allen said...

Hi slime.
I just found your blog through a search for more info on Aoyama cemetery.
It's a great place. So quiet.

I added a link to your blog from my entry. I hope you don't mind. I missed hanami by a week. Looks like it was fun there.

Slime said...

Thanks for linking me Jon Allen! I love Aoyama bochi! Sorry you missed the sakura! Will you be around for them next spring?

I'm hoping to get to Seoul in September, any "Must See!" recommendations?