Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just in case you're thinking that because your tongue is a wet, slick surface, super glue won't stick to it.........let me warn you now, it will! And not only will the super glue adhere to your tongue, it also transfers with lightening speed to your lips and the roof of your mouth!
Okay, I've warned you, what you choose to do with that warning is entirely up to you.


Alisa said...


Robin Vistnes said...

When you told me you did that on FB the other day, I thought you were just kidding to emphasize that you were not going to be the best "adult" for me to interview for my book. I cna't believe you actually DID that!- nevermind- I can believe it

Slime said...

It really could have happened to anyone! LOL

I left a tube of super glue on the kitchen counter. Later that morning, I was making Ethan some waffles and I felt something sticky on my hand, of course I thought it was syrup, so I just licked it off. I didn't realize the glue had leaked on to the counter! But it dried up like regular glue, and I was able to just peel it off my tongue....and my lips......and the roof of my mouth.