Monday, March 30, 2009

Soon Grasshopper, soon.



Alisa said...

Those pretty Cherry Blossom Tree's look like ours here...
Almost ready! ;)

And, ... yes! I am TOTALLY in love! I am just ITCHING to visit all the 'areas' of Tokyo.
We drove by a lot of diffrent places, and i just wanted to jump off the bus!

Maybe we will have to meet at a train station on day (weekend)... and you can show me a few things.
I know i Really wanna see the Imperial Palace grounds ... as it looked AMAZING from the bus.

That 5 story Toy Store sounds just amazing!
I cant wait to go one day!

Slime said...

Ethan and I are headed to the Imperial Palace today!

I'd love to do a Tokyo meet-up! E doesn't go back to school full-time until Apr 20 :( so anytime after that is good for me!