Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!

Next Wednesday, I'm heading off for a 5-day Girl Scout conference at my little piece o' heaven in Japan...........The New Sanno!!!!! I'm so freakin' excited, I'm already packed LOL
The conference is for adults only (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), all Girl Scout leaders, trainers, council members, etc. The official conference doesn't start until Thursday morning, but people who are travelling in from other places (Korea, Okinawa, Guam) will be arriving Wed. night, so you know I have to be part of the welcoming committee arriving around lunchtime on Wednesday! And the conference is over Saturday afternoon, but since I'll already be there, I might as well spend the whole weekend, right? O and the kids will take the bus to the hotel Saturday afternoon, hopefully O and I will make it to dinner at Ninnikuya, a garlic restaurant in Ebisu that I've heard great things about. You may remember I posted about trying to eat there once before, but we found out we needed reservations, so we ended up at the super yummy Mai Thai restaurant.


thefukases said...

oooh kid-free me time with someone else cooking and cleaning? Have a blast!!
Fingers crossed for you on the restaurant, too. sounds yummy!

Slime said...

Someone else cooking and cleaning at the HOTEL, I can pretty much guarantee there won't be any cooking or cleaning going on at MY HOUSE!!! These trips away are always tinged with a little dread, because I know that I will come home to complete chaos!!!! For every one day I'm gone, it takes two days to get the house and kids back in line again. 5 days of freedom = 10 days of work when I get back :(

Gina said...

Ohhhh, I think a 5 day conference sounds like heaven. And hotel and the whole bit. You are going to have a blast!

And yup, I do hear ya though on the coming back to complete disaster. Every time I would go back to the US, to visit with my family. Say I'd be gone 5 weeks, when the kids and I come back to Japan the house would always be a complete disaster. Once even the same loaf of bread was sitting in the fridge still. What the heck??? Ha ha ha. : )

I hope you get to try that yummy garlic restaurant. There used to be a garlic restaurant someplace. Lalaport, I think. I never ate there but it always had such delicious smells coming from it. : ) Let us know what ya think. : )

Slime said...

I have to admit it's gotten alot better now that the girls are so much older, they really pick up the slack for Dad, and being older, they just aren't as messy as when they were young. But I can remember going away over a Fri & Sat night, coming home to find E still wearing the same pajamas I put him in before I left!!!!!! Dishes from the dinner I made Fri still in the sink. Not one hair brush or toothbrush used the entire weekend! Ewwwww! On the flip side, they always had a great time, enjoying a break from ME, almost as much as I enjoyed the break from them!!! LOL

Sara said...

Sounds like fun!! Do they do girl scout cookies in Japan... can you get ahold of them here?

Curious parties seek the answer... Samosas..... *drool*

Have a great time!!

Slime said...

Sara - Yep, we sell GS cookies ;) The season started at the begining of Jan. Girl Scouts at all the U.S. bases in Japan sell cookies.