Sunday, February 15, 2009

Couldn't resist!

Even though we were totally FTB with gyoza, there was no way we could be anywhere near Tachikawa station, and not stop at Krispy Kreme!!!!! From gyoza heaven, to donut heaven!


Sometimes the wait at KK is literally hours long, I'm not kidding, I've heard of people here waitng 3 hours for donuts! On a Saturday night, I fully expected wait to be even longer, but I still had to check, just to be sure the line was indeed too long, and...................IT WASN'T!!!!! Yes! There is a donut god, and she's smiling on me!


We were in and out in less than 15 minutes!

Japan's KK's have the typical Japanese twist, lots of different flavors than what you get in the U.S., but of course, they have the classic: hot, glazed donuts. I swear, these donuts are orgasmically delicious. If, by some insane chance, you've never had a hot, glazed circle o' heaven from Krispy Kreme, RUN, don't walk, to the nearest KK and have one NOW!!!!!

Yes, you're reading the menu correctly, Y1600 for ONE DOZEN PLAIN DONUTS!!!!!

(about $17.40 right now!!!)

Our choices: two cream cheese-filled, one stripped, double berry-filled, one chocolate mocha heart, two chocolate w/ sprinkles, and six warm orgasms........I mean........glazed donuts. To my credit, I've only had one cream-cheese (my new fave!!!) and one glazed! Go me!


Another truely Japanese twist, everyone waiting in line gets one free glazed donut!

Again, on the waaaaaaaaay off chance that you've never actually been to a Krispy Kreme store (does that person actually exist?), KK is also famous for it's open kitchen; there are big windows that allow you to see right in, so you can watch the donuts being made! This is was always the big field trip when I was a kid! And that white curtain looking thing at the end? It's actually the never ending sheet of sugar glaze that the donuts pass through, a vision of true beauty.




thefukases said...

You underestimate we country folks- not only have I never eaten one, I'd never seen one till I say your pictures! Cream cheese in a donut? Wow, hmmm 4 hour drive to Saitama, 3 hour wait in line, how good are they, again?? ;P

Slime said...

Soooooooooooooo good!

I'll cut you an Aussie break, as KK is disgustingly American ;) I think there may only be 3 - 4 locations in all of Japan!

We'll add KK to your Saitama itinerary: Costco, Daruma show, Kripsy Kreme!

Anonymous said...

There's one Krispy Kreme place in Kahului, Maui near the airport. Love the donuts there and we always buy a dozen to take home, but end up eating them at the airport.

Wish there were a KK in Honolulu.

Gina said...

Oh dear, do I LOVE Krisy Kreme. Used to buy a big box of them at the KK store or Target in the US. They are so good, could be quite possibly the best donuts ever!!! You are so so right!

Have not had one in so long! No scratch that, I had one in Korea on vacation. It shocked me to see a KK there. Have yet to have one in Japan. You are tempting me so hard here. *drool*

Those prices though, not crazy about those prices but almost worth it since they're so good. Good grief, you've tempted me, lol. Will have to check locations on their website, thanks for posting this, very cool. : )

illahee said...

i've never had one, either. i think it was an east coast thing before i came to japan. *and*, there aren't any anywhere near here, so i guess i'll have to live without. adding insult to injury, i heard they may be going out of business during the economic downturn, so....

Slime said...

Gigi - LOL, that was always my problem too! I never made it home w/ a full dozen, I'd always end up cramming down 2 or 3 on the drive home!

Gina - KK totally rocks! Besides our location, I know there's one at Shinjuku station, and I think one around Ginza somewhere, let me know if you find others (their site is only in Japanese)!

IIlahee - Wish I could send you one! I think KK started out in the southeast, then slowly branched out across the country. But you're right, they're not doing well now, all the stores in southern FL have closed now along w/ many other locations. Such a shame :( How funny would it be if KK was no longer available in the U.S., but I was still hoggin' em down in Japan? That'd drive my sister nuts! LOL

illahee said...

that could happen. that's what happened to mr. donut you know. the US corp was bought my dunkin donuts so....maybe DD will buy KK!! LOL but krispy kreme will still exist in japan. maybe...