Saturday, January 3, 2009

Should I stay or should go?

So, my mom's side of the fam is having a reunion in June. I'm really torn about whether or not we should go. Pros and cons:


  1. My cousin Andy, youngest son of my mom's brother, who lives in Germany and whom none of us have really ever met (his mom moved back to Germany 30 + years ago when he was a baby and he's never been back to the U.S.) will be coming for the reunion.
  2. I haven't seen any of my extended in nearly 6 years, none of them have ever met Ethan. 2 uncles, 1 great uncle and 1 great aunt have all died in the last year and other than my Uncle Charles, who I saw at the last reunion almost 6 years ago, I can't remember the last time I saw any of them. And nobody else is getting any younger.
  3. By June it will have been 1.5 yrs since I've been back to the States.
  4. I miss my BFF and really need to see her.
  5. We've already budgeted for Meg's trip back to visit her dad for the summer, and O will be making at least 2 trips back to the U.S. on Uncle Sam's dime, so we'd only have to buy 3 tickets.


  1. It'll cost about $3500 for the tickets (that's not including the $1200 for Meg's ticket)!!! We didn't budget for this trip, so at least 1/2 of it will have to go on a credit card. I've been working so hard to stick to the budget, to build some sort of savings and to get the credit cards paid down. This trip would be a major setback. Plus I'd lose about $200 by missing English lessons.
  2. I have no overwhelming desire to go back. Other than visiting family and friends, there's nothing at all that I want to see or do. Not even shop! I wouldn't be bothered at all if we didn't go, other than knowing how disappointed my family and friends would be (although we're working on plans for my BFF to come over in October).

So, should I stay, or should I go?



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Robin Vistnes said...

Horray for me (#4)!!!!
and Con #2- either way I will see you soon(ish).