Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I just want to pee in peace!

Is that too much to ask? I know this is the plea of every mother with young children, but seriously? My kid will be 15 in May and she still follows me into the bathroom, chattering a mile a minute as I drop trou and ascend the throne. I still have to say "Gabrielle, I'm peeing! Could it wait 20 seconds?" I've tried EVERYTHING over the last 14.75 years to break her of this habit, including making her use the bathroom with the door open, so she can see how it feels not to have any privacy at your most private moments. It didn't help. She has no qualms about other people "sharing" the moment with her. She'll even join me for number 2! It makes no difference to her. (Was that TMI?) And while I'm glad that as she progresses through her teen years she's not embarrassed about bodily...stuff around me and we still have a very open relationship, enough already! Don't join me in the john! I don't need help in the hopper! I don't need YOU in the LOO!


Robin Vistnes said...

No socializing in the squatter.

Slime said...

No talking in the toilet! No parties in the pisser!