Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big boy, big bowl

I am ecstatic to report that Ethan's sensei asked me to send a BIGGER bowl to school on udon days! They usually have school-made udon twice a week. Those of you who know E will know what a major triumph this is! For those who don't know him: Ethan doesn't eat. Anything. From the time he was a tiny baby he has had the smallest appetite I've ever seen in a kid. He's not especially picky, no more than a typical American toddler, but he eats like a little bird, just picking and poking at his food, taking tiny bites, it takes him ages to finish a meal, no matter how small it is.
This is also a huge deal because he doesn't like Japanese food, he really dislikes the bentos they have the other 3 days a week. It took several months for his sensei to stop sending home notes, worried because he wasn't eating any lunch. I think most of that problem is that the food is so strange to him, I've never cooked anything remotely similar to what they serve at school, so fish paste soup and sardine balls aren't very appetizing to him. But in the the last few months, he's really started enjoying udon, no matter what kind/flavor it is. Good job big boy, I'm so proud of you!


Lori said...

that must be hard for a picky eater to be expected to eat the same meal 3 days a week... hope he adjusts.

thanks for stopping by my blog

Slime said...

He's not terribly picky, but Japanese food is definitely exoctic fare to his 3 y.o. palate, he's used to PB&J and chicken nuggets, so quail egg souffle' and octopus stew have been a stretch for him! LOL They're a stretch for me too!

Gina said...

This post made me smile because I am not a picky eater either. However I have *very* American taste buds. Fish based soups, forget it, sushi forget it. In America we eat crab legs, but here they eat the whole gosh darned head! Some of the food just boggles my mind. either that or it blows my mind! Ha ha ha.

My kids are half Japanese but for them, their mama (me) is American. So to them, in their minds "normal" is what mom has always fixed for them. Kraft mac and cheese, PB and J, ham sandwiches, peanut butter sticks with celery. Casseroles made with Cambell's soup and tater tots. LOL, is normal to them.

We do eat Japanese food at our home but VERY Americanized versions of them. So that's what their used to.

My oldest, has extreme western taste buds. And when he started the first grade this passed April, he had a hard time getting used to the school's lunch. Once a week we would get a note saying he hasn't eaten much of his lunch that week. I would ask my son about it and why not. Branden would tell me, "but mama I can't eat it, it's just too gross!!!!" LOL! Even now 7 month's later, he is trying his hardest to deal with the school lunches. To help with it, I make him great big breakfasts and give him a big snack when he gets home to hold him over until dinner.

My youngest, he's just a weirdo, lol! He eats everything that don't eat him back! He eats all the Japanese food and all the American food.

Now if it were me, I would probably starve to death for lunch for sure. I just don't think I could eat some of the stuff they get served. So, I have sympathy for my oldest son.

I think your son is a good boy for trying so hard to eat the Japanese lunches. Congratulations to your little sweetie pie.