Monday, December 15, 2008

Mommy needs a time out!

Seriously. This wonderful family of mine is very quickly sucking every last drop of Christmas cheer from my spirit. The kids, the husband, the dog, all of them!!! The nearly constant bickering, whining, complaining and crying that is going on inside this house, among the other four inhabitants, is driving me INSANE!!! I'm not sure what the problem is, but even the dog has been unusually naughty the last few days! And Otis just started two weeks, yes, I said TWO WEEKS of vacation. Lord, give me strength.

Today I spent a nice afternoon out Christmas shopping, treated myself to a very rare Starbuck's yummy and I was feeling so happy and excited about the things I had found, knowing how much they would all love what I had bought. I walk in the house and within 10 minutes I'm ready to flush every single present straight down the crapper!

While making dinner (which inevitably someone will complain about, no one will thank me for and the clean-up that will only be accomplished after threats of an early bedtime and loss of computer priveleges) I decided that I need a major break! One big, fat TIME-OUT from my family. So plans are now in the works for a night away in Tokyo, just me, myself and I. I'm planning to stay at the New Sanno if I can get a room, if not I think I'll stay in Akasaka, I've really been wanting to check out that area and this seems like a great time to do it, since no one in my family has any interest in it at all, and dragging them to do any sightseeing is pure torture for all involved.

Now that I've got something exciting to look forward, a little light at the end tunnel, maybe I can make it through the week without any felony murder charges.


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