Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helpless and heartbroken

Last night I witnessed two of the most horrifying things I've ever seen......I watched our dog get hit by a car, and worse than that, I watched my child watching our dog get hit by a car. The complete helplessness I felt at that moment is indescribable. I saw the car coming, saw the dog running, saw Megan across the street, calling the dog, unaware of what was about to happen. And there was nothing I could do about any of it.

Megan and I had Fenni outside about 9:00p, playing fetch, off of his leash. I grabbed his collar to hook him to the leash so I could go in to fix him some dinner. Our neighbor across the street came out with her dog Miko, who Fen loves to play with. Fen saw Miko and yanked away from me, running across the street. I immediately headed over to grab him, as I stepped into their yard, Megan called Fen's name from our back porch and he started to run to her, back across the street, a car plowed into him, dragging him about 10 feet under the front bumper. Megan started screaming hysterically and Fen jumped up and raced, yelping, into the house. We both followed him as he ran upstairs. He cowered in the bathroom, trying to hide behind the toilet and it took us awhile to coax him out. He was so scared and obviously in pain. Megan was still screaming and sobbing the whole time, Ethan was jumping around yelling "My dog got hit by a car!" Otis was in the shower and I'm screaming "The dog got hit! The dog got hit!", he's yelling "What?!? What?!? I can't hear you over the shower!". Absolute paniced chaos.

Meanwhile, the person that hit Fen kept going.

The police came by and stopped to find out what the commotion was all about. We filed a report and they went out to try and find the car. No luck so far.

We took Fen to the vet. He has lots of cuts and scrapes, and a lacerated liver, but no broken bones or major injuries. The liver should heal itself, and he's got some pain medication, other than that he's just fine. Unbelievable.

Megan, on the other hand, was completely traumatized. We ended up having to sedate her to get her to sleep, she was crying so much and blaming herself for calling Fen and making him run across the road, she couldn't even look at him for the rest of the night. She had a fitful night of sleep and I let her stay home with us today. She's much better now, but still gets nervous everytime Fenni goes outside.

Wow, I'm exhausted again just typing it.


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nadithings said...

OmG! i know how you feel! but thank GOD your dog is okay! i just had the same experience with my cat.. she fell off from the balcony at my my 4th floor apartment.. and broke her hip bones.. she lost her balance at the rail, it was my fault as i forgot to close the window! she is an old cat.. OH how helplessness i felt that moment hearing her scream out of the window!...

but the worst is when i go to all the Vets and they dont want to do the surgery at her because she is old (Vets in my country is still not that advance).. i ask all the vets and eventually someones recomended me this specialist doctor that lives in another state..(now this has been a week and looking at my cat in pain is veryy heartbroken!) so i had him fly the same day and the surgery went great!5 hours.. she has two plates on her hip.. she still need therapy with walking again,But mostly i am gratefull that she is still with us!

i really hope your children will heal as well ! just be gratefull that our love ones are still here...i believe all animals have Guardian Angel !

maybe they were not looking when it happens! :)