Sunday, October 12, 2008


This afternoon the dog was chewing on one of Ethan's toys, E sees him and yells "Feniggan Samuel! Dame!" I laughed and said "He's not Fen Samuel" E replies "He's bad, Samuel means in trouble!" (E's full name is Ethan Samuel). And yes, he actually spoke Japanese! Dame can mean no, don't, that's bad, etc. How worried should I be that he's hearing "Dame!" enough at school to have picked it up? LOL


Lulu said...

Haha that is so funny!!! Cute. Reminds me of a boy my brother went so school with who on the first day of grade one told everone is first name was Joe and his last name was seph.

Dame is a word most people pick up quite fast in Japan- Dame & Gaijin seem to be word foreigners who haven`t studied much Japanese before seem to pick up quite quickly! I am sure by going to a Japanese kindegarten he is picking up more than "dame" hehe...

Slime said...

Fortunately no one in his class speaks English, so they don't understand all the words he's picked up from his naughty sisters! (Yeah, that's it, blame the kids! LOL)