Sunday, October 5, 2008

More classes

I've picked up two more teaching gigs, bringing my total up to 4 per week. Last month I started the Kodaira class. The class is 10 students, all women, and I think they're all over 50 years old! This class hase been meeting for 30 years!!!! There are 3 or 4 original members still attending!

This is the Kodaira/Chuo community center in Kodaira where I teach, we alternate between this one and the Josui community center.

Last week I also started meeting with my one and only individual student. She's 27 and lived in San Diego for a year. She hopes to move to Hawaii sometime in the next few years, so she wants to maintain her English skills. She's alot of fun, I'd almost be tempted to meet with her for free! I pick her up from the train station and we just have lunch and chat, she asks lots of questions and I correct some of the things she says. Pronouns seem to be pretty difficult for a lot of my students. Nearly everyone of them, no matter how high their level, constantly mix up he and she.

I teach a total of 24 hrs per month (my Fri class is only 3 times a month) and make pretty decent money. Some of my friends teach upwards of 10 times a week, but that is a really full schedule. Although I could definitely use the $$$, my time in Japan is going to be way too short, I don't want miss out on anything because I'm so busy working!

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