Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Gabi

Look how tall she is! Closing in on 5'4"!

Today my baby girl made her very first deposit into her very first savings account. She's making a good bit of $$$$ babysitting and we've agreed she'll put 20% of everything she makes into the bank. I'm determined that my kids will be better money managers than me. She saved up on her own and bought an iPod for $130, now she's saving for a Flip video camera.


Kassia said...

First of all, your blog header picture IS hysterical! Second, good for you getting your daughter to start banking and saving early. I'm with you... I wish I would have learned how to manage money better at an earlier age. Third, could you please send your babysitter extraordinaire down this way please? We're packing out soon and I cannot envision how I'm going to manage this with the 5 month old and the 4 year old...ARGHHH!

Slime said...

Ouch! I feel your pain! Gabi's also disgustingly organized and a major type-A neat freak (it's not genetic). She's such a huge help in those situations! And congrats on Langley! You're going to love it!