Monday, July 7, 2008

Takin' a dip

Ethan and Gabi at the Nat last summer

We have two nice pools on base, one indoor and one outdoor, both with diving boards and slides. The Natatorium, the indoor pool, is on the East side just a few blocks from our house and is open all year.

The outdoor Sakana pool is on the West side and is open during the summer. I took the kids there for a few hours last week. Gabi and Meg have been before, they ride the shuttle bus there and back, but it was the first visit for Ethan and me.

Meg loves the high dive and has pretty decent form (this was a cannonball). She and Gabi took diving lessons when we first moved to Tampa, Meg was only 6 at the time but was routinely jumping from the 10m platform, she's always been so fearless, I was always so impressed.

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