Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chatereise' Summer Yummies

There's a great little dessert shop about 2 blocks from the base, out the gate near our house, called Chatereise. It's the first place we went to off base when we moved to Japan. Along with assorted cakes, breads, tarts, etc. they sell lots of yummy ice cream treats. We like to walk down in the evening after dinner for a lil' bit o' sweetness.


Kassia said...

I LOVE that you shared the ice cream with the dog. That's a sure sign that you're GREAT doggy parents. LOL. I noticed that your hubby was wearing a Carolina shirt...are you guys from SC?! That's where both me and my hubby went to school (not Carolina, but in SC...The Citadel and College of Charleston).

Slime said...

Yeah, hubs was born and raised in Columbia. We love Charleston, planning to retire there!

Diane said...

IS THAT YOUR DOG? OMG! Bit of a change from the last dog you had in Pa! LMAO
Do they make doggie diapers for those size dogs? LMAO again.

Happy Birthday!