Monday, June 16, 2008

Last weekend we took the kids to Summerland, an indoor/outdoor water/amusement park. I went to Summerland as a kid 30 years ago and I was so excited when we got here and found out it was still open!! There have been lots of renovations of course, but a lot of it is still the same and it's still as fun as I remember!

Below is a map of the whole park. To the left of center you can see the outline of a square around the pool with white wavey lines, that's the indoor section.

Inside is a huge wave pool and two slides. There are a few amusements rides inside as well: a pirate haunted house ride, house of mirrors. There was a big roller coaster inside when I was a kid, but it's not there anymore.

Behind the wave pool and slides are two kiddie areas with wading pools and smaller slides. Ethan is terrified of any water outside of the bathtub, it took lots of cohersion (and a little bribery) to get him to go down this very small, slow slide, and he clung to the side, inching his way cautiously down.

This is Gabi and Meg on the Flush Dance.

Gabi at the base of the huge ferris wheel. At night when this ferris wheel it lit up, we can see it from the top of the parking garage on base.

Otis, Gabi and Ethan on the ferris wheel.

The view from the tippy-top of the ferris wheel. In the very center you can just barely make out a few of the tower apartments on the main side of the base.

Here's Megan and a two of her friends on the pirate ship ride, Gabi and I sat on the opposite end. There was a group of Japanese boys in the seat in front of us, one of them saw Meg with her hands up and decided to challenge her to a test of wills, Meg whooped his butt! As the ship hit its highest point, he was gripping the bar and screaming like a girl, but MY girl kept her hands up the entire time! She's fearless on rides, she'll ride the biggest, scariest coaster in any park......but can't sleep without a nightlight!!

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