Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations Scooter and Hootie Whopper, Love George Dubyah

My baby girls graduated today! Gabi is moving on to high school next year (to her Aunt Debbie's alma mater) and Meg moves up to middle school. Luckily I made it to both graduation ceremonies; we weren't notified ahead of time, but BOTH girls earned the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence!!! The criteria for the award is to have at least a 3.5 GPA, Gabi has a 3.8, or at least a 90 on the 100 grade scale, Meg has a 94 and scoring in at least the top 85% nationwide on the standardized tests, Gabi scored in the 96%, Meg in the 93%.
I'm so proud of both of them!!!
They're both so smart and are turning into beautiful young women. I can brag because I don't any take credit for how well they're turning out! I was an average student who hated school (I tried to drop out in my senior year!) and don't have an athletic bone in my entire body, I have no clue where their talents and drive come from, but it's obviously not genetic!

Congratulations Scooter and Big Hootie!! I love you!

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