Monday, May 5, 2008

Tama Time

Tunnel to nowhere

We spent the weekend at Tama Hills. They have a lodge, single family cabins and huge four-family cabin that you can rent, we went with 4 other families, I think there were about 22 of us all together, including 12 kids. They all stayed in the big cabin and the 5 of us ended up staying in the lodge instead. We had a huge mess of grilled up meat and tons of other food and just sat around eating and talking, we played cards and did a little dancing (with a bit of alchoholic assistance, of course). The kids built a little fire and we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We all had a really great time.
The lodge has a nice restaurant and I was so excited about getting to eat breakfast there, I miss my IHOPs and Waffle Houses so much, breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Unfortnately, the "assistance" I'd received Saturday night turned out to be quite a bit more helpful than I needed......I'm sure you can figure out where I spent my morning.

The Girl Scouts are having summer camp at Tama in June, 5 days/4 nights, Megan is going (Gabi has decided GS isn't her thing) then the high school and middle school cross country teams are having sleep-away camp up there in August, I think it's 4 nights this year, Gabi and Meg will both be going.

Check out the rest of the pictures in the next entry.

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