Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Katakuri Park

Japanese schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday for Golden Week. On Tuesday Ethan and I went to a really cool park with my friends Jan and Tomio. Jan's two kids go to Ethan's school and Tomio's 3 boys used to, now they go to a preschool closer to the base and a Japanese elementary school.

The park was beautiful with miles of hiking trails, a series of ponds with boardwalks and bridges and a really cool obstacle course going all through the hills. It's not far from the base at all, I can't believe I never knew it was there. We're definitely going back soon with Otis and the girls.

I was just trying to take pictures of the park, but you know I can't resist shoving my cute kid in front of the camera.

Ethan and Tomio-san coming down the big slide.

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