Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sayonara Culture Group

Today was the closing ceremony for my culture group :( I only got to attend 3 events, I wish I had joined sooner!! The culture group year runs from October - April. I'll definitely join again next year. I'd love to join the same group again, the Japanese women in my group join every year, I'd love to get to know all of them better. We have one more event planned for next month, a group tour to Kamakura (home of the Big Buddah). It should be lots of fun!
The entertainment today was by an international cultural artists group called Manjushaka. They were really great! We got a mini version of their normal show, about 30 min w/ scaled down acts, due to time constraints and the small size of the stage at the O'club; the full show is supposed to be spectacular, I'd really love to see it. Below are a few grainy clips I took:

The dragons were definitely my favorite. In the full show they have 5 dragons and they shoot real fire!

As a parting gift our Japanese half gave us all a string of fresh water pearls!!! My first pearls! They're really pretty. We all felt a little sheepish because all we got them were aprons w/ their names painted on them and a cookbook the YOSC put together. We also gave them all brownie mixes, but some of them don't have ovens (the Japanese don't bake much of their food). I think I'll bake a few batches for the bus trip to Kamakura.

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Robin said...

That looked so cool!! You have gotten to see so many incredible things- and may I say, never have dudes dancing with fans looked so masculine!