Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gabi's 1st Track Meet

Today was Gabi's first track meet. She really loves to run and seems to have a pretty decent talent for it; her father was a big time runner and ran track in Jr. high and high school so maybe that's where she gets it from, 'cause it sure didn't come from my side of the family! She ran in 4 events, she was only supposed to do 2, but 2 girls didn't show up so Gabi ran in their place; we won't have the results until Tues/Wed but I think she did pretty well. Her best friend Kelekah's mom is the sprinting coach and she's done a great job with Gabi. The meets are sooooooo long! Today was 9:30a - 3:00p!! And of course Gabi was in the 2nd and the last events so we stayed ALL DAY.

Here's a shot of her strong finish! She was totally exhausted and fell asleep in her floor at 7:00p, right in the middle of playing a game with Meg.

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