Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Japanese Game Shows ROCK!

We watch a lot of Japanese TV, as much, if not more, than we watch American TV. Maybe we're hoping to absorb Japanese language by osmosis? Anyway, tonight we watched 1,000,000 Yen Come True (we think). One segment was called I'm Gonnna Get You (as near as we could figure). Here's the set up:

The game takes place on a field of astro turf, about the size of half a soccer field. In the center , on a small pedestal, is a tube containting 100,000Y. The contestants are a family of 3: Dad, Mom and Kid, dressed up like cats in gray body suits and grey helmets with cat ears. There are 5 super fast remote controled cars dressed up like mice, being controlled by 5 drivers, 3 of whom are "professional" remote control drivers. The object for the family is to protect the tube of money, which the mice cars are trying to knock over, while at the same time trying to catch the super fast mice cars and dropping them in cages on the outside of the field. The family has 10 minutes to catch all the mice to win the money. It was totally hilarious! But it's definitely one of the tamer game shows. They get really crazy on most of the shows!

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brittany said...

Oh boy. I miss japanese game shows they made me laugh so, so hard... even though i barely understood them